Retreat Details

Where:  The Ark Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (

When:  March 8-15, 2020

How to Sign Up:

Click Here, Book Here

What:  8 days in Bali, including 2 yoga practices offered a day, meditations, lessons on Balinese culture, nutrition, chakras, self-care, and excursions to help deepen and solidify your knowledge on these topics.  Itinerary is as follows:

Day 0:  Welcoming Ceremony and Blessing by Spiritual Healer

Day 1: Offerings/Water Temple Excursion

Bringing Health and Restoration to your body and soul, we will begin our day with a yoga class and meditation tailored to the vibe of the group, in order to help our bodies and minds recover from traveling. Our morning will be spent with local women learning to make and prepare Balinese offerings for our water temple ceremony in the evening.  Our evening will be spent a short drive from our retreat center to a purification ritual at Tirta Empul- the holy water temple.; A perfect beginning for cleansing and setting our intentions for the week ahead!

Day 2:  Chakras – Waterfall Excursion

Morning yoga practice and meditation tailored to the vibe of the group. Following will be a fun lesson on the 7 Chakras of the body- Discussions on the balance and imbalance of the chakras, and the strengths they bring to the centering of our energetic body.  In the afternoon, we will journey to swim and hike at the Tukad Cepung Waterfall and surrounding villages, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the inland Bali.

Day 3:  Nutrition

We will begin Day 3 with morning yoga and meditation, and then move into a study of Ayurvedic nutrition, including lessons on the 3 Doshas and how the balance of the elements effects your mental body, as well as your physical body.  We will learn about what foods and elements do and don’t work for the individual person based on their dosha type.  In the afternoon we will be attending a Raw Foods cooking class, with the evening free in town to explore the Ubud culture.

Day 4:   Balinese Culture

For our very special day 5 we will be bringing in local culture experts to learn about the island of Bali, it’s people, it’s traditions.  This will include much insight into daily life, visits to local coffee plantation, a trip to the Tegalalang Rice Fields and the big Bali Swing, and the Monkey Forest in the evening to allow exploration of the night life in Ubud afterwards.

Day 5:  North Island exploration

A trip to the north to the Gateway Temple, hiking at Mt. Batur, and an optional yoga in the energetic lava fields.  This is also an opportunity to take in the natural hot springs.  On our way back to the retreat center we will detour through local villages to learn about their local trades, a Batik village, the silversmith, and local wood working.


Day 6:  Self-Care

A day to pamper yourself.  Optional trips can be arranged for a day at the black sand beach, with fish tacos and mimosas, or a spa day at Cantika Zest where all their products are made onsite with local ingredients.  Whatever it takes to call your spirit home.  In the evening we will regroup for a trip to Tanah Lot temple for sunset and Kacek, a local temple fire dance.

Day 7:  Closing, packing, Setting intention, and Returning home

We will close out our retreat with a visit from a local Theta healer and soundbath guided meditation.  Breakfast before we head in our own separate directions with a strong renewed sense of self and intention for our future.


Book now, find additional details, pricing, and pictures can be found by clicking below:

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